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About Me

Professionally I have worked most of my time in customer service positions from retail, wholesale to online services. I've been a part of small companies that built online services and sales from the ground up long before Amazon or Google entered the scene.

During our time in Ireland I also worked for a larger multinational company and learned a lot about living in a country that is not your home country and working with people from all over the world. Before moving to the US we also spent two years in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Visual art was never a part of my life until I picked up a camera in 2008, my parents focused my artistic education more on musical talents - for a short time I actually considered pursuing a career as a musician.

Initially my objective was to get better pictures of our travels. At first I spent my time learning how a camera works and what could be done with it - I tried all sorts of styles just to figure out what I might like. A turning point was a meeting with an artist friend. She looked at my pictures and said "Oh, you're one of us." It took a few years for me to understand what she meant. Apparently even with the very raw and unrefined pictures I made at the time she was able to see an artistic expression; that I wasn't using the camera to document the world around me, but to interpret it. It took a lot more time with specialized classes and workshops for me to get to a point where being an artist became a reality.

Today I am most content when I can travel freely, explore new locations and make images along the way that go way beyond a simple representation of what I see. To quote a famous photographer: "Don't shoot what it looks like, shoot what it feels like." My current work is moving between being minimalist and abstract, I enjoy the simplicity of black&white and when I use colors I'm trying to limit the amount of different colors in a photograph to as few as I can.

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