And now something completely different – music

Do you have a special kind of music that tickles your creative senses?

I do.

It's probably accurate to say that I am a bit of a snob when it comes to music, what is popular at any given time is just not good enough for me. Quite a while ago I discovered a style that is labeled instrumental post metal – what that “post” stands for I'm not really sure but the other to should be pretty clear. The bands I enjoy most often take a lot of time to develop the songs, most of them won't fit into the three minute radio format. They will have atmospheric, ambient pieces and combine them with some solid metal guitars. And most importantly, nobody is singing. Just instruments are speaking. I actually think it is a lot more difficult to write a good song if you can't fall back on having a catchy singalong chorus. Not that I know anything about writing music, but I believe it's a plausible theory.

What happens for me with this is music is that it opens a door to create my own mental images to it, allow moods to develop and match it to scenes I have seen while looking for motives to photograph or just being on the road in general.

My latest discovery is a spanish band named Toundra, I have heard them before but it didn't stick straight away. The latest album Vortex caught my imagination with the first listen. Especially the song Mojave (I hope the link will stay for a while) triggers a strong desire to get into the car and just drive somewhere. And the song title is actually well chosen, I have been to that desert a few times and I can confirm that this is what it might sound like. The casual listener will surely say it's boring, not much happening and are we there yet. Which is what's often heard in cars crossing the Mojave on the way from LA to Las Vegas. But get off the main highway, allow the desert to get close and you might very well fall under its spell. Diversity, harshness, subtlety, grace – it's all there. You just need to spend some time and allow it to find you.

It's the same with this music, it won't reveal its secrets straight away but approach it with an open mind and you might get hooked.


I'm always on the lookout for new and interesting music – so what is it that works for you? Any recommendations?