Taking time out

It is easy for me to firmly settle into a regular daily routine, I'm quite content with knowing what any day will bring and I don't mind that there are no surprises. But – my creative side doesn't always agree with this so I'm trying to make it a habit to go somewhere new (preferably) once in a while and have a look around. And come home with a few new pictures.

This week I took a short drive to the coast and visit the boardwalk in Santa Cruz. Despite living in the area for about five years now I've never actually been there. Fairgrounds are not our usual go-to place but still, as a photographer it was long overdue to visit.

I've learned already that county fairs are a good place for long exposure night photography – but what about during the day? And what is with my lack of interest for people in my pictures? A fairground is a busy place after all.

Anyway – here are a few examples of what I saw, what do you think?