'Tis the season – part 1


Apparently there is a thing on Instagram called TopNine – it's a little tool to basically do a headcount and find out which were the most popular posts of the past year. So I obviously had to see which my most popular are.

To my surprise with one exception none of the pictures with the most responses were anywhere near the ones I would have thought were my best. Which begs the question if either I am not the right person to judge my work or if the wisdom of the crowds is not so wise after all. Or maybe it is?

Many years ago I heard an author say that an artist should respect the applause of an audience but he should not depend on it. I think that is very true.


So I figured the best option will be to compile my own top nine list and decide what pictures of 2018 I like the most.

A few random observations:

  • trees are important

  • abstraction of a subject is important too

  • I have made more in color than previous years

Overall I am pleased to notice that there seems to be an artistic development and I am getting better at making interesting images.


What do you think, which one do you like best?

The images are in chronological order as they happened through the year, the last one is the TopNine compilation.